You knock on Mr. Bottle’s door and he opens it looking very upset.  He has a big cut on his hand.

“I was cleaning the side of the big tank where I keep my two pet frogs Hip and Hop,” he tells you in tears “and I accidentally knocked it over and it smashed on the floor”

“Hip and Hop jumped out of the open window.  Frogs love the rain and they must have seen it and wanted to go and play in it.  I tried to grab them but I cut myself on the smashed glass of the tank!”

Mr. Bottle holds his cut hand up to show you.

“I need to go to the hospital to get it bandaged.  But I’m really worried that Hip and Hop will get lost if they are outside too long.  Could you go and catch them for me?”

You reassure Mr. Bottle that you’ll make sure his frogs are safe and tell him he can borrow your bicycle to get to the hospital quicker if he likes.  He thanks you and hurries out the door.

What will you do?