Here you will find all 10 of the CoraQuest quests narrated by Dan and set to a superb score composed and performed by Lee Wardle.

Once you have selected an adventure, you will be able to play each of the atmospheric audios’ alongside your progress through Hoodez dank dungeon.

Each quest page gives you the option to have either Dan read the adventure aloud or to play the ambient game audio in the background as you read from the quest book yourself. You can also download and keep the tracks, making them easier to use offline. Enjoy!

The 10 new adventures below are part of the CoraQuest – Keep on Questing expansion.

Keep on Questing adds optional campaign rules to the game of CoraQuest. Each campaign is played over a series of five linked adventures where you keep the same heroes and “level them up” as the campaign progresses. You also keep your favourite items from the treasure you find and can use them in future adventures.

Alternatively, you may choose to play the adventures as stand-alone games, just like in the base version of CoraQuest.

A Spotter’s Guide to the Dungeon

Wizard Pebbledash needs four brave adventurers to help him write his new book, A Spotter’s Guide to the Dungeon. Ready yourselves researchers, this is no ordinary field trip!

The Curse of Hoodez

Will you be able to retrieve the mythical items needed to dispel Hoodez’s horrible haunting? Snakes, spiders, ghosts, and skeletons abound in this cursed campaign, as well as Morag Clutterbuck, the meanest woman in all of West Orcshire!

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