You can play CoraQuest with the heroes, enemies, and quests that we’ve put in the box. However if you like you can make your own.

In fact we encourage it!

So much so that we have included a booklet in the CoraQuest box to help you get started.  These are guidelines only and you can change YOUR game in any way you want. Use the button below to see the printed customisation guidance that comes in the box or scroll down for the web based version.

Customisation Guide

Making your own hero

There are three things you need to do to make a hero for CoraQuest. You need to think of their name and their background, you need to work out what their attributes and abilities are, and you need to draw a picture of them to use when you are playing the game.

Once you have created your hero, you can use our special web-based app to make and print out a “official” CoraQuest card and standee for them! You can find the app in the menu above, and also here:

Character Creator

Think of a name and background

This can be anything you want it to be. The only limit is your imagination. You can be a ninja fairy or a crocodile who casts magic spells. Here are some questions that might help you get started:

  • What is your hero’s name?
  • Where do they live?
  • Do they have a family?
  • Why would they want to go on adventures?
  • What makes them happy?
  • What makes them sad?
  • What kind of things do other people say about them?
  • What are they scared of?

Draw your hero and make it into a figure 

Draw a picture of your hero. Remember your picture doesn’t have to be perfect! You can either take a photo of it and upload it to our web app to print out and make a standee, or draw it on a piece of card and make it into a standee yourself (card from cereal boxes can work really well). 

Choose your hero “type”

There are three types of hero – Standard, Fast, and Tough. You can choose what type you want your hero to be. Your stats (how good your hero is at different things) will depend on what you chose:

Standard Hero

Health: 8

Movement: 4


Fast Hero

Health: 6

Movement: 5


Tough Hero

Health: 10

Movement: 3


Choose your special ability

Choose one special ability from the following list.  If you want to you can come up with your own abilities.  Try not to make them too powerful however as that can actually make the game less fun.

  • When attacking you can re-roll one of your dice
  • Can increase range by up to 3 for one attack
  • If you don’t move in your turn you can have a total of 3 actions instead of 2
  • After you hit, do the damage from one attack to two enemies that are adjacent to each other
  • Choose not to take any damage from an attack
  • Can move and attack for just one action
  • You may take three actions if you use all three to move
  • Push an enemy 1 square back
  • Pull an enemy 1 forward
  • When you search for treasure, draw 2 cards from the treasure deck and pick the one you would like. Put the other card on the bottom of the deck
  • When you attack replace one white dice with a red dice
  • Look at the top card of the dungeon deck and then put it back
  • When you hit do one extra damage
  • Avoid all damage from a trap
  • Ignore other characters when determining line of sight
  • Look at the top card of the dungeon deck and then put it back
  • If you are attacking a spider add one white dice to your roll
  • If you are attacking a orc add one white dice to your roll
  • If you are attacking a goblin add one white dice to your roll
  • If you are attacking a gremlin add one white dice to your roll

What Weapon

Going into the dungeon can be risky. To be prepared you can choose a weapon from the starting item deck.  If you prefer you can make up your own special weapon.

When making your own weapons it is worth noting that the starting weapons in CoraQuest are all just one single white die, encouraging players to search for treasure and better items. We also recommend that no new ranged weapons exceed a reach of nine squares (three dungeon cards). Of course you can give your starting weapon more range or better dice if you want to, but be careful not make it too powerful as this can actually make the game less fun.

Or alternatively,

make your hero however you want to!

You can ignore these hero creation rules and make up your own.

It is your game and you can do with it what you wish!

Making your own enemies

You can create your own enemies if you want, in fact we’d love it if you did. Here are the things you need to decide on, so you can create your enemy:  

Name & concept

Try to come up with a cool concept and name for your enemy. Are they sword fighting mouse-people who love cheese? Or maybe half bear / half scorpion monsters that shoot fire out of their eyeballs? Having an idea of what you want your enemy to be helps you make decisions about what abilities they should have.


There are three ways that enemies are spawned and come into play in CoraQuest: 

  • Spawned by an enemy icon being revealed on a newly explored Dungeon Card
  • Spawned by the Threat Token coming off the bottom of the Countdown Track
  • Spawned by a Story Dungeon Card being revealed

It is up to you how you want your enemy to appear. You can even make up your own rules or circumstances that spawn them if you wish.


How much health do you want your enemy to have? If you want the heroes to be able to deal with them fairly quickly, then give them health of around 1 or 2. If you want them to be tougher then give them 3 or 4. If you want them to be really hard to defeat, then give them a health of 8 or more! The more health your enemy has, the harder it will be for the heroes to defeat them. 


Choose which dice your enemies will use in combat. Are they rubbish at battle, or are they expert sword fighters, or huge lumbering wrestlers? Whatever they are, you can represent their skills by what dice they roll. To help you make that decision, here are the enemy strengths for the different combinations of dice.


How far can your enemy hit? Many enemies only have a range of 1, and that’s fine. However, some might be able to hit targets further away. Perhaps they might use long-range weapons like ninja throwing stars or a blunderbuss, or maybe they just have long arms or a poisoned tail that they can use to hit heroes a number of squares away. It’s up to you!


Is the enemy slow and lumbering, or is it quick and darting? We suggest that your enemies movement each turn should be somewhere between 1 and 5. However, how fast the enemy you create goes is your choice.

Special abilities

This is where you can make your enemy really unique. Does your enemy have poisoned fangs, or a spellbook full of dangerous curses that stop the heroes from moving more than one square? There are far too many possibilities for us to come up with rules for all of them and so feel free to make up your own!

Making your Own Quests

You can use the story cards included in the game to make your own quests. Pick 4 Story Dungeon Cards and use your imagination to come up with a story that would link all four. 

You don’t have to use the story cards in the same way that we did. For example, in our quest “Fangs for the Memories” we use story card C as the place where the heroes meet Annabelle the gnome. However, in your story the sacks on the card could be filled with precious gold, or there might be a scary slug monster hiding in the barrel waiting to jump out at the heroes!

When you’ve thought of the story for your quest, you could write it down and give it an exciting title! That way you will be able to play it again next time, or even send it to other people so they can play it too.

Tell us what you did!

If you have made your own heroes, enemies or quests then we would love it if you could send them to us so we can see them – especially if you have done pictures to go with them!

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