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The Heat is ON!

Things are heating up in Hoodez Dungeon and its eight-legged denizens like it! Will your plucky party be able to push back the advancing arachnids or will they be too hot to handle?

Introducing new countdown rules that ramp the tension and challenge players to really work together to best the beasties!

The Trouble with Trilbies

Creaky Mike, the elderly gnome shop assistant at Big Tom’s Hat Emporium is in a bit of flap; Tom’s top ten hats are missing!! With a trial of stinky slime leading straight to Hoodez Dungeon, it looks like another job for the fab four adventurers.

An original adventure written in support of the The Dice Tower is an online network dedicated to helping people learn about the wide world of exciting new board games.

A Recipe for Adventure

Making magic potions is as easy as 1, 2, 3 if you have the correct ingredients, but what are the essential elements to restore two cute cats back to their original form, and where are the missing pages from Wizard P’s book of spells?

RemyLuna’s fate is in your team’s hands. It also balances on their forehead but never sits on their tongue! Curious? Then press on brave adventures.

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