One of the key philosophies of CoraQuest is that we want to encourage creativity in everyone, and reinforce the message that there are no barriers to expressing yourself through art and writing.

Another value that we feel is incredibly important is that CoraQuest should be as community driven as possible.  While Cora and Dan started the development of the game, it would have remained just a school project if it wasn’t for the enthusiasm and engagement of others.

We feel strongly that CoraQuest belongs as much to the community as it does to us, which is why everything we do will always be released under the creative commons license.

With this in mind we were very keen to include art from as many people as possible in the game.  At the beginning of October 2020 we put out a call for children to submit drawings of monsters for the game, and we got a fantastic response.  We are hoping to put as many of them as we can into the game, which will be coming to kickstarter soon.

Here are the submissions (and a video of Cora and Dan talking about them):