Marcus Brissman

Marcus is a jornalist for Swedish board game magazine Fenix.  He also has a Swedish language board game podcast Vems tur ar det?

After helping to playtest CoraQuest Marcus was inspired to create his own quest for the game.  His daughter  Ella also drew the picture used in the Belt of Teleport!

You can download a pdf file of Marcus’ Quest here

Four treasures and a…burial?

By Marcus Brissman.


First shuffle all the basic dungeon cards together. Then split them into 4 roughly equal piles. 

Put one special story dungeon card (labeled A, B, C, & D) into each pile. Then put the four piles back together to form the dungeon deck. The pile containing card D should go on the bottom of the deck, it does not matter which order the rest of the piles go together to form the rest of the deck, as long as the pile containing card D goes at the bottom.


Special rules

Special rules apply for this dungeon after Card D is revealed.  These rules are given in the instructions for card D.  Remember, every turn a new dungeon card is not revealed the threat token moves down one on the threat track.

This quest contains quest items that are not in the quest item deck.  We suggest that you make your own cards out of paper or cardboard, alternatively you can just make a note of which hero has which item.


End of the game

If two or more heroes escape the dungeon with all four of Fenton’s items then the players win the quest.

If two or more heroes are defeated before escaping the dungeon with all four of Fenton’s items then the players lose the quest


Read this out before starting the adventure

“Kanelbulle, the halfling known for his large collection of hero memorabilia, approaches you with a quest: he wants four items that once belonged to the great hero Fenton Miller: His hat, his sword, his boots and his belt.

If you could bring him all four he could put them in his hero museum and you’d get free admission for life. What a great reward!

Happily you set out on the adventure and soon found a dungeon where all the items had been seen last. This should be easy!”

Put the Dungeon entrance card in the middle of the table. The players then place all the heroes on the dungeon entrance tile in a position of their choosing.

Dungeon Card A

Read this when dungeon card A is played from the Dungeon Deck

“There are clothes everywhere in the room, it looks like a fancy dress shop exploded in there. In the middle of the room is an orc that’s just putting on a large ornate belt. It’s Fenton’s belt of heartiness! You have to defeat the orc to get it!”

Put an orc in the middle of the room. It’s a normal orc, but it has plus two health. The hero that defeats the orc gets the special magic item “Fenton’s belt of Heartiness”.

Quest Card: Fenton’s belt of Heartiness
Gives the owner plus two health. If this item is traded the former bearer loses the extra health levels, which could lead to being defeated

Dungeon Card B

Read this when dungeon card B is played from the dungeon deck

“The room is full of cobwebs and three large spiders are scuttering about. In the large web in the middle of the room is a cocoon, but metal can be seen glinting inside it. It’s Fentons sword of heroism! You must defeat the spiders to get it.”

Place three spiders in three empty squares in the room. The hero that defeats the last spider gets the special magic item “Fenton’s sword of heroism”

Quest Card: Fenton’s sword of heroism
Range 1
Two white dice

Dungeon Card C

Read this when dungeon card C is played from the dungeon deck

“You hear an argument.

“Gimme the boot, I found it!”

“Like spit you did, I found it!”

As your lamp lights up the room you see two goblins wrestling on the floor. They’re each

wearing a shiny red boot, part of the same pair. They’re Fenton’s boots of swiftness! 

The goblins stand up and draw their weapons “Yous aint getting no boots from us!” one says. “Yeah, we found ‘em!” says the other. 

Arm in arm they start running towards you!  You have to defeat the goblins to get the boots.”

Place two goblins on the edge towards the hero that revealed the tile. They’re normal goblins except they both have plus one movement and act at the same time. They both get an attack before the hero can continue with their turn.

The hero that defeats the last of the goblins get the special magical item “Fenton’s boots of swiftness”

Quest Card: Fenton’s boots of swiftness
Gives the owner plus one movement per action.

Dungeon Card D

Read this when dungeon card D is played from the dungeon deck

“This room has a golden glow too it, like the air is filled with gold dust. It smells like magic in

here. In the middle of the room is a pedestal with a very grand hat on top. It’s Fenton’s hat of Awesomeness! 

There’s a sign above the hat that reads:
“Please do not remove hat. It is very important it stays on the pedestal” – The Dungeon staff”.

You need the hat to finish your quest so you snatch it from the pedestal. The glow of the room suddenly disappears and a rumbling can be heard. It’s getting closer! The whole dungeon is collapsing!”

Give the Special magic item “Fenton’s hat of awesomeness” to the hero that revealed the tile. At the end of the turn remove card D from the dungeon and discard it.  Then  put a special token on the countdown track at “2”. 

The special token moves down on on the threat track at the end of every turn. As it moves down remove one dungeon tile anywhere on the board. Every time the special token  moves off the threat track, increase the number of tiles removed every turn by one and put the special token back at the “2”. 

If a hero is ever on a tile that is removed they take 4 damage and they are placed at the edge of the nearest other tile. When a hero reaches the entrance card, they are removed from the board and are safe. 

Quest Card: Fenton’s hat of awesomeness
This hat isn’t actually magical, but it looks very fancy. Gold thread and everything!


If you win the quest

If two or more heroes escape the dungeon with all four of Fenton’s items the read the following

The last boulders slam down behind you sealing the dungeon forever. But you made it out with all of Fenton’s treasures! Kanelbulle is so happy he gives you the free passes he promised you and throws in a free t-shirt with the museum’s logo on it as an extra. You also get stickers and sticky buns!

Well done adventurers, you win the quest!


If you lose the quest

If two or more heroes are defeated before escaping the dungeon with all four of Fenton’s items then read the following

The dungeon collapses to fast for you to get out and you’re all buried under the debris. You make it out in the end, dirty and with scraped knees, but you couldn’t get the treasures and Kanelbulle is very disappointed.

You lose the quest, better luck next time!

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