We created “The Trouble with Trilbies” adventure to support the DiceTower.com’s annual fundraising.

The Dice Tower’s founder Tom Vasel, and all his team, are an incredible asset to the board gaming community. The Dice Tower promo pack (needed to play this adventure/not included in the base game) contains a new big boss called ‘Bob the Blob’, which builds on a drawing by Jimmy Vasel (Tom’s son).

If you are here because you bought the promo pack to use with the CoraQuest base game, we are doubly grateful to you. Thank you so much for both supporting CoraQuest and the Dice Tower; we really do appreciate it.

You can download different versions of “The Trouble with Trilbies” adventure below.

Download ‘The Trouble with Trilbies’

Full Colour

Low Ink

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