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Annabelle and the Sorcerer’s Spoon

We have published a CoraQuest kid’s book on Amazon!!

Annabelle and the Sorcerer’s Spoon is a children’s chapter book for families to read together, or for kids of 7-12 to read independently. It’s written by me (Dan Hughes) and illustrated both inside and out by CoraQuest’s chief-colourer-in, Gary King

Here are the direct links to the paperback on the various Amazon stores.  The book is only available in English:


Here’s the burb from the back cover:

Wizard Pebbledash is in trouble. 

It’s the village Shiniest Spoon Competition today, and his arch-rival, Wizard Bandicoot, is plotting to cheat him out of first place! And if that’s not stressful enough, his assistant has accidentally washed his best wizarding cloak in custard!

Luckily, trainee adventurer Annabelle is on the case. She’ll go into the dark and dangerous dungeon on a quest to make Pebbledash’s spoon shine more brightly than a dragon’s hoard. She’ll battle mischievous orcs, and solve fiendish problems – but will she get back in time to spoil Bandicoot’s plans to cheat in the competition? You’ll have to read this book to find out!

Contains a free new adventure for the CoraQuest board game so players can take part in the story too!