Take the umbrella

You take the umbrella and go outside, holding it over your head to keep the rain off. You find Cuthbert having a lovely time jumping around in puddles and croaking happily. 

You try to grab him using your free hand. Unfortunately, frogs are pretty slippery creatures and he squirms out of your hands and jumps away. You try again, then again, and again, but you just can’t catch the little bounder one handed. You’ll have to try to grab him with two hands instead. 

You put the umbrella down and have another go. But, even using two hands, Cuthbert keeps squirming out of your grip. 

The rain’s coming down hard now, and without the umbrella you’re getting very wet. You decided to have one last try at catching the naughty frog. 

You hear a croak from behind you and turn around. The umbrella is still upside down on the lawn where you left it, but it’s been raining so hard that it’s filled up with water like a big bowl. And inside the umbrella, swimming around joyfully, is Cuthbert the frog. He must think it’s a swimming pool! 

You pick up the umbrella carefully and carry it, and Cuthbert, into Mr Bottle’s house, making sure not to spill any water on the carpet. 

With that job done, you can now go and see Wizard Pebbledash. You’re now so wet from being outside in the rain that there’s no point taking the umbrella, so you leave it in the living room for Cuthbert to play in until Mr Bottle gets home.

Go to Wizard Pebbledash’s house