Take the raisins

You look out the window and see Cuthbert the frog hopping around Mr Bottle’s garden. It’s raining really hard now, and there are big puddles forming on the lawn.

If you go outside to try and catch him then you’ll get soaked to the skin! You need to find a way to catch the frog, but still stay dry. You look at the big bowl of raisins on the coffee table and have an idea.

You scatter big handfuls of raisins all over the living room. You put some on the floor, some on the sofa, some on the chairs, and even a couple of handfuls underneath the rug. 

Now to see if your plan’s worked! You walk over to the door to the garden and open it wide.

As we all know, every frog’s favourite food is flies. But what is slightly less known is that frogs have very poor eyesight (they can’t wear glasses unfortunately, as they don’t have any ears to hook them onto).

Cuthbert sees the raisins scattered around the room and, mistaking them for particularly big juicy flies, he jumps back into the house to eat them. You shut the door behind him to make sure he can’t escape again.

Well done, you’ve captured Cuthbert without getting wet! Now it’s time for you to head to Wizard Pebbledash’s house. You take Mr Bottle’s umbrella with you as you are sure he won’t mind you borrowing it.

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