Take the collar

You take down the collar and leash from the hooks on the wall. This must be what Mr Bottle uses to take Cuthbert the frog out for a walk.

You open the door to the garden and call out “time for walkies!!” 

Cuthbert jumps back into the house excitedly, leaping up at you and licking your hand. (This is the first time you’ve ever been licked by a frog – it’s quite nice really).

You close the door, trapping him in the house, and begin getting ready to go to Wizard Pebbledash’s.

Cuthbert, realising that he’s not getting to go on a walk after all, starts to croak sadly. He looks up at you with his big froggy eyes full of sorrow and disappointment.  You try to ignore him, but it’s no good – you feel too guilty. Cuthbert was expecting a walk, and so it’s only fair to take him out for one. You put his collar and lead on him, and head out into the rain.

This is the first time you’ve ever walked a frog, and you’re starting to hope it’ll be the last. Cuthbert isn’t very well trained, and he’s surprisingly strong. He also has a very annoying habit of jumping into puddles with a big splash, and on more than a few occasions he drags you into the puddle with him!

Eventually the frog starts to become tired, and, soaking wet from the rain and the puddles, you head back to the house. 

When you arrive you see that Mr Bottle is back from the hospital. He’s very grateful that you took care of Cuthbert and offers to lend you his umbrella for your walk to Wizard Pebbledash’s house. You thank him, but tell him that you are very wet already, so a little more rain won’t make much difference.

Go to Wizard Pebbledash’s house