Go over the hill

Riding bikes up hills is never much fun, and it’s even worse when it’s pouring with rain. But it’ll take more than a hill and a bit of water to get the better of you! Gritting your teeth, you start to pedal.

When you’re about halfway up you hear a toot behind you. It’s Wizard Bandicoot in his shiny yellow sports car.

“Want some help?” he says. 

Now normally you don’t trust Wizard Bandicoot. He has a long history of being mean and nasty, and you’ve heard he cheats at board games. However, you’re feeling pretty miserable trying to ride up this hill in the rain, and so you decide to accept his help.

You had thought that Wizard Bandicoot was going to offer you a lift in his fancy car, but instead he leans out of the car’s window, waves his magic wand, and casts a spell.

“Piddledy-pee, piddley-pop, make this bicycle just not stop!” Then, laughing loudly, he drives off.

The magic spell starts to work and your bike’s wheels start turning round without you having to pedal! You gradually pick up speed until you’re zooming up the hill really quickly.

The bike gets faster and faster, and in no time at all you reach the top of the hill and are coming towards Wizard Pebbledash’s house. You squeeze the brakes to stop, however nothing happens! The bike keeps speeding up! 

You knew it was a mistake to trust that dastardly Wizard Bandicoot! Not only did his spell make the wheels turn on their own, but it also stopped the brakes from working!

You are going to have to stop somehow. There’s only one thing for it – you steer the bike towards the pond in Wizard Pebbledash’s garden and wait for the big….


You climb out of the pond and go and knock on Wizard Pebbledash’s door. So much for keeping dry!

Go to Wizard Pebbledash’s house