Go alongside the river

Pedalling over the hill to get to Wizard Pebbledash’s house sounds like too much effort, so you choose to take the flat road by the river instead. However this road goes past Daffodil the Dragon’s cave. 

Normally Daffodil is a very well behaved dragon, and hardly ever burns peoples’ garden sheds down. However, she has a very bad cold at the moment, and it’s making her rather grumpy.

You cycle past her cave as slowly and quietly as you can so you don’t disturb her. The problem with trying to ride your bicycle slowly and quietly however, is that it’s very difficult and your bike can start to wobble a bit when you do it. And the problem with wobbling on your bike when you are riding it next to a river is that if you aren’t careful you might fall in…


You pull yourself and your bike out of the water and sit, panting, on the riverbank. So much for trying to stay dry! You hear a sound behind you, and turning round see Daffodil the Dragon coming out of her cave!

She looks around to see what the noise was, but doesn’t spot you. She shrugs her shoulders and is just about to go back into her cave when her nose starts to twitch.

“ah…ahh…Ahhh.. AHHH-CHOOOO” she sneezes.

The hot air from the dragon’s sneeze blasts over you like the world’s biggest hair dryer. Even though you were soaking wet before, you’re now dry as a bone! Looks like this road may have been the right one to take after all!

You get back on your bike and peddle towards Wizard Pebbledash’s house

Go to Wizard Pebbledash’s house