Find out what is making Duchess unhappy

Mr Bubbles is very proud of Duchess, his pig, and you can see why. She has healthy pink skin, a wet snuffly snout, and a wonderfully curly tail. However, Duchess also looks very fed up and tired. Her bright intelligent eyes have bags underneath them, and she keeps yawning. It looks to you like she isn’t sleeping properly.

You go into Duchess’ pigsty so you can take a look at her bed. The big pile of straw in the corner looks pretty comfortable, so you don’t think that’s the problem. The sty is a bit smelly, but that’s pretty usual for pigs.

You need to have a think, so you sit down on the pile of straw.

“Oi, watch what you’re sitting on!” an angry voice shouts out from underneath you, and to your surprise Kevin the Gnome crawls out of the straw, waving a tiny hammer. “I’ve got three dozen boots to finish making tonight and I don’t need your big bum crashing down on me when I’m tryin’ to have a nap!”

You ask Kevin what he’s doing there.

“I’ve just started a new business, he tells you proudly. “Kevin T. Gnome’s Boots and Shoes – the finest footwear maker in Hoodezfield! This is my workshop where I make my shoes every night. I moved in a couple of weeks ago.”

You’re pretty sure that the sound of Kevin making his shoes is what’s keeping Duchess awake, and you ask him if could move his workshop somewhere else.

“That’s all very well for you to say,” he complains “I’d love to move, but I can’t afford the rent anywhere else! I’ve not sold a shoe in weeks!”

“The problem is no one knows about me! What I need is a really good advertising campaign. I’m sure sales would pick up if a popular person like you showed my advert to their friends. If you’d do that for me I’d even make you a free pair of boots!”

Kevin (and CoraQuest) needs your help to get the word out! If you want to help then post this picture to your social media account (facebook, twitter, instagram etc) with a link to the kickstarter in the description and tag #coraquest.

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