If you post the advert

You show the advert to all your friends and pretty soon a big barbarian turns up to claim the tortoise.

“Oh Florence!” he says tearfully, holding the tortoise up and giving it a big kiss on its lips “I missed you so much, my little cherub! I’m so glad you’ve come back to me!”

He turns to you. 

“Thank you for finding my precious Florence! I must reward you. Is there anything you want? Anything at all?”

You tell the barbarian that you need a new pair of adventuring boots.

“I’ll order them right away and they’ll be delivered to you in the morning!” he says, and then after thanking you a few more times, he takes Florence home.

Mr Bubbles is also very grateful for you solving the mystery of what was eating his pumpkinberries, and he hands you a big bag of gold. You tell him you don’t need it now that the barbarian has ordered you some boots, but he insists.

“Take it, you’ve earned it! Go and spend it on sweets, pop, and crisps or something!” He says.


Sneak preview

Backers will be getting a reward of their own on the next timed reveal on Saturday the 29th of October on the CoraQuest: Keep on Questing Kickstarter page. Make sure you visit and take a look at it, and also to explore the next episode of the CoraQuest choose-your-own-adventure story!

Next episode on Saturday the 29th of October