If you don’t want to post the advert

You tell Mr Bubbles you don’t really want to show people an advert.

“That’s completely fine” he says, “I’m sure I’ll find the owner eventually. For the time being I’ll just fix that hole in my barn properly to stop it getting in again”.

“Thank you very much for solving my problem!” he says, and gives you a bag of gold with just enough money to buy a brand-new pair of adventuring boots. 


Sneak preview

Backers will be getting a reward of their own on the next timed reveal on Saturday the 29th of October on the CoraQuest: Keep on Questing Kickstarter page. Make sure you visit and take a look at it, and also to explore the next episode of the CoraQuest choose-your-own-adventure story!

Next episode on Saturday the 29th of October