Try to jump the last few feet to safety

Swinging your body forwards and backwards as far as you can, you try to build up enough momentum to launch yourself onto the side of the riverbank. With a final swing you let go and fly up into the air in a big arc, coming down to a nice soft landing right on top of the ratfolk’s head.

“Oof!” it complains “You didn’t have to jump on me, I was only having a bit of fun! Look! My whiskers are all bent! It took me ages to get them straight this morning.”

You tell the ratfolk angrily that you’ve you’ve half a mind to put a big twist in its tail too. It scurries away sulkily, muttering under its’ breath about stupid heroes who can’t take a joke.

You hear somebody clapping behind you. “Well done!” a voice says out of the darkness “You really taught that naughty ratfolk a lesson!”


Sneak preview

You’ve just met another hero that will join you in your adventures. But who is it?! Make sure you visit the CoraQuest: Keep on Questing kickstarter page on Monday the 31st of October to find out, and while you’re there you’ll also be able to explore the next installment of the Coraquest choose-your-own-adventure story!

Next episode on Monday the 31st of October