Try to persuade the ratfolk to stop cutting the rope

You ask the ratfolk to stop cutting the rope and let you cross.

“Well,” it says, looking at your Swiss Army knife that’s attached to your belt, “I’ve always wanted a nice knife like the kind you have there. If you give me yours then I’ll let you cross.”

Dangling from the rope with one hand you take the knife off your belt and throw it to the ratfolk.

“Aha!” he shrieks delightedly. Quick as a flash it tosses the butter knife it was holding to one side, and starts to cut the rope with your Swiss Army knife instead. “This is much better than that other rubbish knife I had! Look how nicely it slices through this rope, it’s hardly any effort at all!”

And before you can point out to the ratfolk what a rotter they are, it finishes sawing through the rope and sends you tumbling down into the smelly river.

Fall into the water