Swim downstream


Swimming downstream is a lot easier than trying to swim upstream, although you still have the yucky smell of the ratfolk’s old bathwater to put up with. You reach the vines hanging down into the water, and start pulling yourself up the steep banking. However the vines don’t feel quite as secure as you thought they would be. In fact, they are writhing and twisting in your hands… 

Hang on! These are not vines! They’re snakes!! 

You let go with a yell, and plunge back down into the water.

The snakes hiss angrily, furious that their nice snooze has been interrupted by someone using them as a rope ladder. The snakes slip into the river and start swimming towards you. 

One raises its head to bite, but before it can sink its fangs into you, a hand comes out of nowhere and pulls you up out of the river. You look up and see a stranger smiling down on you.

“It looked like you needed a bit of help! “ they say, kindly.


Sneak preview

You’ve just met another hero that will join you in your adventures. But who is it?! Make sure you visit the CoraQuest: Keep on Questing kickstarter page on Monday the 31st of October to find out, and while you’re there you’ll also be able to explore the next installment of the Coraquest choose-your-own-adventure story!

Next episode on Monday the 31st of October