Get into the umbrella helicopter

The barking is getting even more terrifying as you jump into the strange helicopter. You put your feet on the pedals and start to turn them – hoping that the helicopter will take off and carry you out of danger.

The umbrella that’s acting as the propeller starts spinning faster and faster. The whole machine shakes and shudders, and rises two feet up from the ground. You pedal even harder.

Suddenly you feel a jolt, and the bits of string and sticky tape that were holding the helicopter together snap with a twanging noise. The umbrella goes flying off, smashing through one of the windows of the house. And without the umbrella to lift you up you, and the rest of the machine, come crashing to the ground, landing on your bottom with a very painful bump. 

“Blimey!” somebody shouts, and Professor Porridge pokes her head out of the broken window. 

“Don’t use that helicopter!” she shouts down to you “I’ve not quite got it working yet and the umbrella might come off!”

The barking is getting even louder now and is really scary. Rubbing your bruised bottom, you ask her to let you in before the dog gets you.

“Oh don’t worry about that!” Professor Porridge says and presses a button on a remote control and the barking goes silent. “That’s just my patented barking beast alarm! It’s guaranteed to scare away 99% of all robbers, thieves and burglars. Why don’t you come into the house and I’ll make you a nice cup of tea to calm down?”

Go into Professor Porridge’s house