Jump into a nearby bush

After diving into a nearby bush you notice that the tone of the barking has changed. When it started it had sounded like a fearsome Great Dane, but now it sounds more like a yapping chihuahua.

You move around in the bush, sticking your head out of the branches to try and get a better look. As you do the barking changes even more. First into a roar of a lion, then the honking of a goose, and finally the loud trumpeting of an angry elephant.

It seems very unlikely that this little garden in Hoodezfield contains quite that many animals, and you are pretty sure you’d have noticed if there were an elephant or a lion in the garden when you first arrived. Something fishy is going on!

You look around and discover that when you jumped into the bush you accidentally landed on a hidden loudspeaker and damaged it. It must be some kind of alarm system to scare people away! You unplug the speaker and everything goes nice and quiet.

You walk up to the front door and knock. After a while Professor Porridge answers. She appears to be covered head to toe in marmalade. 

“Ah a visitor!” she says brightly “I thought I heard something outside! Please come in, I was just putting the finishing touches to my patented automatic breakfast-making machine. It can fry the eggs and cook the sausages alright, but something seems to be wrong with the toast spreading algorithms.”

“But never mind that” she says, shaking your hand with marmalade covered fingers “Why don’t you come in and have a cup of tea.”

Go into Professor Porridge’s house