Investigate the shed

You can hear the sound of a tuba coming from the shed. It’s difficult to tell what tune it’s playing, but you’re pretty sure it’s either ‘Mozart’s symphony number 5 in C major’, or ‘Baby Shark’. 

Opening the door, you see the music is coming from a very peculiar contraption. It is standing in the middle of the floor and seems to be made of a vacuum cleaner, a supermarket checkout till, and an old battered and dented tuba – all tied together with a garden hosepipe. 

The music coming from the machine is very loud, and it’s beginning to hurt your ears. You look for a way to turn the volume down and press some random buttons on the checkout till.

The machine makes a whirring clicking sound and the music gets quieter, then eventually stops. But you must have changed the mode of the machine, as instead of blowing air through the tuba, it begins to suck instead! 

The tuba playing machine is sucking so hard that all the cobwebs in the shed get hoovered up into it. Then it gets even stronger still, and sucks up nails, some rusty tools, and even a broken lawnmower! 

The machine is now sucking so hard it feels like you’re standing in the middle of a tornado! If this doesn’t stop soon then you’ll be hoovered up too! Panicked, you grab a large blue exercise ball (left over from when Professor Porridge had her ‘get-fit’ craze) and you shove it into the bell of the tuba. 

The machine starts to shudder and shake as it tries to suck the ball up – but it’s just too big. It creaks and groans under the strain, and the sides of the vacuum cleaner section begin to swell bigger and bigger. Until finally…


The machine explodes with a huge bang, blowing you backwards out of the door and bouncing you out into the yard on your bottom. That will leave a bruise!

Professor Porridge comes out of her house to find out which of her inventions has exploded this time. 

“Oh dear, I guess my “Baby’s-First-Lullaby-Tuba machine still has a few problems to work out. Never mind, I’m sure I can fix it later. But in the meantime, would you like to come in for a cup of tea?”

Go into Professor Porridge’s house