Go to the back door

There’s a note stuck to the back door of Professor Porridge’s house with sticky tape. It says: “Beware of the bats”. 

You look up at the roof and in the nearby trees, but you can’t see any bats there. And anyway, it’s the middle of the day! Surely there won’t be any bats around until nighttime? You decide to risk it, and knock on the door.

Nothing happens. Thinking that she may not have heard you knocking, you try again – but louder this time. Again, no bats show up, but there’s still no sign of Professor Porridge.

You open the door a crack so that you can shout to see if anyone is home. 

The door bursts open with a force that knocks you to the floor, bruising your bottom. You hardly have any time to wonder what’s going on before a huge wave of cricket bats, baseball bats, softball bats and rounders bats tumbles out of the doorway and completely buries you. 

“Why didn’t you read the sign you silly sausage?!” Professor Porridge says, coming to find out what all the commotion is about. “I’ve been piling all these bats up ready for the Hoodezfield sports day next week! Now you’ve spilled them all out into the garden!”

You apologise, and pile all the bats back up by the back door. Pleased with your work she invites you inside for a nice cup of tea.

Go into Professor Porridge’s house