The Quest Continues

You leave the dungeon and wave goodby to Wardle the pixie.  This has been a very exciting adventure, and something tells you that it’s not over yet!

You walk through the streets of Hoodezfield until you reach Wizard Pebbledash’s house, then knock on the door.

“Ah come in, come in!” Wizard Pebbledash says, pleased to see you. “I trust you had a nice time down in the dungeon?”

You tell Wizard Pebbledash all about your adventures.

“Well, well, you have been busy! It’s all jolly good practice for what’s ahead of you!  You see, I need your help in a couple of very urgent matters!”

“Firstly, I need help with researching a new book I’m writing – ‘A Spotters Guide to the Dungeon’. I need to know all sorts of things, like: what do goblins have for their lunch? What species of beetles live in treasure chests? And how many spots does the lesser spotted slime-o-pus have? I need you to go into the dungeon and find out the answers for me.”

“I also need help with something even more serious” he says gravely. “I’ve heard rumors that the ghost of the evil sorcerer Ebineezer Hoodez has returned to live in the dungeon.  I need you to find four powerful magic items, the Legendary Treasures of Cora, to break the Curse of Hoodez and defeat him!”

“So adventurer – what would you like to do first?”

To help Wizard Pebbledash research his book – play “A Spotter’s Guide to the Dungeon” in the CoraQuest: Keep on Questing expansion

To find the Legendary Treasures of Cora and defeat the ghost of Ebenezer Hoodez play “The Curse of Hoodez” in the CoraQuest: Keep on Questing expansion.  

This is the end of the CoraQuest choose-your-own-adventure.  Well done adventurer you have won the quest!

Thank you for playing.

Dan & Cora Hughes