Pull a scary face

You pull the most hideous and frightening face that you’ve ever pulled in your life. 

Wardle waves his hands in the air and says some magic words and an illusionary copy of you appears in the tunnel. It looks the same as you in every way except for it is ten times bigger. 

What a terrifying sight!

The monsters come round the corner making their horrible noises. However they thought they were going to be facing a normal hero, not some gigantic petrifying monster! As soon as they see the giant illusion of you pulling that horrible face they give out a shriek of terror and run away. 

You and Wardle high five each other.

“I’ll be using this adventure in my next storytelling performance!” he tells you.


Sneak preview

To find out more about the monsters you just scared away (and to find out about how you can get your drawings of them into the game) make sure you visit the Coraquest: Keep on Questing Kickstarter page on Thursday the 10th of November. You’ll also find the very last episode of the CoraQuest choose your own adventure story there too!

Next episode on Thursday the 10th of November