If you find between one and four pink gems

Finding the pink gems has been more difficult than you expected! You’ve managed to get some of them, but not all five. To be honest, you aren’t even sure that there are even five pink gems in here! They must be very well hidden.

You spot something strange out of the corner of your eye. In a dark corner of one of the tunnels you see two small green lights slowly blinking on and off.

Curious, you move a little closer. The lights are blinking faster now and you can hear a clanking noise. The lights suddenly switch from green to an angry red and the clanking noise gets louder. Then the red lights are getting bigger and brighter, like they’re moving towards you!

There’s something frightening going on here, and you don’t like it! You abandon your search for the gems and run away. You cross your fingers and hope you’ve found enough gems to stop Wizard Bandicoot being able to carry out his dastardly plan.


Sneak preview

You have just run into a new enemy in the dungeon! To find out what it is make sure you visit the Coraquest: Keep on Questing Kickstarter page on  Friday the 4th of November, where you’ll also get to explore the next installment of the CoraQuest choose-your-own-adventure story!

Next episode on Friday the 4th of November