Talk to Muscle Man

Muscle Man is lifting weights up and down above his head. He looks a bit frustrated.

“These dumbbells are too light for me!” he tells you, “I need something heavier to do my training with.”

You look around the playground to see if there is something heavier he could use. The school cook is wheeling the lunch cart across the playground and sitting on top of it is a huge, very heavy looking pan full of custard. You point it out to Muscle Man.

“That’s perfect! In fact, there was an article about the benefits of using custard in your workouts in last month’s Muscle Monthly Magazine!” 

He bounds over to the lunch cart and starts to lift the huge pan of custard high over his head.

You aren’t sure if it the pan’s handles are too slippy, or if the pan is just too heavy – but Muscle Man begins to have problems. First he staggers one way. Then he staggers the other. Then he goes backwards. Then forwards. And finally, unable to hold it any longer, he lets go of the pan and it tips over, landing on his head with a big squelch of custard as it pours out all over him.

Muscle Man’s shoulders start to shake, and you’re worried that he’s trembling with rage. However you’re reassured when you hear him roar with laughter.

“HA HA HA!” he bellows, clutching his sides tightly “ Did you see that!? I’m covered in custard!! Was anyone filming me?! We can put it on TikTok!”.

You look around, but no one has been filming Muscle Man. In fact all the other students in the playground look a little bit annoyed. They’d really been looking forward to that custard, but they don’t want to eat it now that it’s been poured over someone’s head!

You lead Muscle Man out of the playground and off down the road, still with the pot of custard on his head. You suggest that it might be an idea for him to take a break from Adventuring School for a bit until everyone calms down. You ask him if he wants to join your team of heroes, and he says he’d love to, although he would like to pop home and wash all the custard off his head first.

Go to Wizard Pebbledash’s house