Talk to the Warrior

As you get nearer to The Warrior you see that he is doing a jigsaw on the table. His tongue is sticking out the corner of his mouth and he looks like he’s concentrating very hard. You interrupt him and ask if he’d like to come on a quest with you.

“Oh no, I gave up adventuring a few months ago.” He tells you. “I ran into a load of ratfolk in the dungeon. I’m scared of rats, and so I ran away and decided never to go down there again. I even gave away my magic sword!”

“I never enjoyed adventuring much anyway. I much prefer doing jigsaws and playing with lego. I love doing anything where I’m putting stuff together.”

You have an idea! You go back to Wizard Pebbledash’s house and collect up all the broken parts of his model bus. You then go to the corner shop and buy a tube of super-strong glue. Finally you return to the Broken Sword Tavern and ask The Warrior if he thinks he could glue the bus back together.

“I can try!” he says and gets to work.

Putting smashed model buses back together is a bit more difficult than doing jigsaws. But despite accidentally gluing his hand to the table a couple of times, The Warrior does a great job and soon the bus is looking as good as new!

You might not have been able to get The Warrior to come on the quest, but at least Wizard Pebbledash’s model bus is fixed! You can’t wait to give it to him.

Go to Wizard Pebbledash’s house