The Daring Rescue of Wardle the Pixie

You’re in a part of the dungeon that you’ve never explored before. It must be really deep down, as it’s very hot and there are pools of lava everywhere. You’d not be surprised if you were near the center of the Earth!

You walk through the dangerous terrain, being very careful not to slip and fall into the lava. You’re so busy looking where to put your feet that you almost run into a group of six orcs standing in a circle, arguing. On the floor next to them is a large sack. You think it must have something alive in it as it’s wriggling furiously.

You hide behind a nearby rock to listen to what they’re saying.

“Well I ‘fink we should just lightly toast it, that way you’ll keep it all nice and tender and juicy”

“Yeah but if you don’t cook it well enough we might get food poisoning. I’ve already had two days off this month, if I’m sick a third time then I’ll get a written warning. It’s not worth the risk. Pixies are better cooked well done anyway, makes ‘em crunchier”

Oh no! These orcs must have caught a pixie and are planning to cook it over the lava pool! You better rescue them before it’s too late! 

There are too many orcs for you to be able to fight them on your own, you’ll have to think of a different way of saving the pixie.

Try to distract the orcs

Try to scare the orcs