Use the cotton wool balls

You pick up the bag of cotton wool balls. You have an idea!

You take a permanent marker out of your backpack and write “Marshmallows” on the bag in big letters. Peeking at the orcs you see that they are still standing in a circle arguing about pixie recipes. You throw the bag of cotton wool balls towards them and it lands by the feet of the shortest one. It feels it land by its’ feet and picks it up.

“Ooo, look!” it says, reading the writing on the bag “I’ve found some marshmallows! Let’s eat them while we decide how to cook the pixie.”

“Shouldn’t we wait until we’ve had the main meal before we have dessert?” another orc asks.

“Nah, we’re orcs – we’re allowed to do what we want! Here, stick ‘em on the end of yer spears like this. Now hold ‘em over the lava until they are nice and toasted.”

All the orcs follow the instructions, and when the “marshmallows” start turning a bit brown, they pop them in their mouth.

“They are a bit more… chewy than I expected” says one. “Not very sweet either.”

You start moving stealthily over to the wriggling sack.

“Maybe they’re from one of those health food shops?” another says. “Food’s not supposed to taste good when it’s from a health food shop. Where did you find ‘em again?”

“It was just down here…” points the first orc as it sees you picking up the sack. “‘Ere! What you doin’ you sneaky sneaker! There’s a hero here tryin’ to steal our lunch!!”

You tuck the sack under your arm and start to run. As you run you feel something in the sack break with a crunch. There’s no time to worry about that now though – you need to get away from these orcs!

Open the sack