Use the bucket

You put the bucket onto your head and start walking stiffly towards the orcs, moving your arms and legs as jerkily as you can. 

“Bleep… Beep… Bleep.” you say, doing your best robot impression, “Must… clean… up… sack. Must… throw… orcs… into… lava… pit.”

“Blummin Nora!” says one of the orcs, “It’s one of them Evil Cleaning Robots! Watch out, don’t let it get you! One of them things shoved my cousin Harold into a dishwasher last week!”

You keep moving towards the orcs and they start to run.

“Let’s get out of ‘ere! Leave the sack, we’ll ‘ave to find somethin’ else for lunch!”

You can’t believe your plan worked! Especially as you couldn’t see what you were doing because you have a bucket on your head. 

You pick the sack up from the floor and move towards where you think the exit will be. Unfortunately you don’t get it quite right and you bang into the wall. There’s an alarming breaking noise from inside the sack but there’s no time to worry about that right now as you need to get out of here before the orcs come back!

Open the sack