Ring the bell

You pick up the bell and ring it as hard as you can – CLANG-A-LANG-A-LANG!

“Is it Friday?” an orc asks, puzzled. “I thought the fire drill is on Fridays?”

“No, I’m pretty sure it’s Tuesday” says another. “Or maybe it’s Wednesday. I know it’s a day with a Y in it anyway.”

“All the days have a Y in them, you wazzok!” the first orc says, bashing them round the back of the head with its’ hand. “It’s Monday. Or maybe Wednesday.”

The orcs stand around for a while arguing about what day it is. Meanwhile you keep ringing the bell – CLANG-A-LANG-A-LANG!

“That fire alarm hasn’t stopped” an orc says nervously. “You don’t ‘fink there’s a real fire do you? It is a bit hot here.”

“Maybe it is real! Maybe there is a fire! We’re all going to get burnt! HELP, FIRE! FIRE!! SAVE US!”

All the orcs start to panic: flapping their arms, running around in circles, and making little yelping noises.

It’s a good job there isn’t a real fire otherwise these daft orcs would be in big trouble! You’re going to have to give them a little help and tell them what to do. Doing your best orc impression you shout:

“Let’s all go to the fire assembly point at the entrance of the dungeon.” 

Your impression must have been pretty good as the orcs all rush out, pushing and shoving each other to be first to safety. You walk out from behind the rock and pick up the sack, shaking your head at how foolish the orcs are.

Open the sack