The Quest for the Golden Crown

You walk through the tunnels of the slime pits with your new friend. You are playing eye spy, trying to distract yourselves from the horrible smell down here. It’s your turn to pick the word and you have noticed that your friend is wearing a cloak. You sort of wish you had one too as it looks really cool. 

“Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with C” You say

“Cloth?” your friend guesses.




“No, you don’t understand!” your friend says, pointing “look over there, it’s a crown!!” 

Your friend is right! Floating on the surface of a pool of nasty looking green ooze is a golden crown! It’s a very fancy looking crown, and it’d be a shame to leave it in the dungeon. But you can’t help thinking that crowns don’t usually float on top of slime. It might be some sort of trap! 

What do you do?

Try and grab the crown

Try and throw something at the crown