Try to snatch the crown

You try to snatch the crown. But, even though you’re fast, the thing in the pool is faster! A tentacle shoots out of the ooze, wraps itself around your wrist, and tries to pull you in.

Your friend grabs you by your legs and tries to pull you back. You feel a bit like a rope in a tug of war – the tentacles are pulling you one way, and your friend’s pulling you the other. 

You have an idea about how to escape. Reaching out with your free hand, you tickle the tentacle that’s pulling you. At first nothing happens, but then you see some bubbles start to rise to the surface of the slime pit. Next you hear a little chuckle. Then you hear a giggle, then a laugh, and then a huge loud guffaw! The tentacle can’t stand the tickling any longer and lets go of your wrist and shoots back into the pool.

You scrabble away to safety. You didn’t get the crown, but at least you’re safe. Thank goodness slime monsters are ticklish!

After checking you are ok your friend tells you that they need to go home, as they need to get ready to go to a birthday party later today. You say goodbye and thank them for their help, then carry on with your exploration of the dungeon. 

There’s a tunnel ahead that looks rather interesting. Its walls are glittering, and you’re pretty sure you hear someone singing down there. It’s certainly worth a closer look.


Sneak preview

You have just found a new area of the dungeon to explore! Visit the Coraquest: Keep on Questing Kickstarter page on Wednesday the 2nd of November to find out all about it, as well as to explore the next installment of the CoraQuest choose-your-own-adventure story!

Next episode on Wednesday the 2nd of November