Throw your grappling hook

You swing your grappling hook around your head a few times, and then let go. It flies towards the crown and hooks firmly to it. You did it on your first try! What a great shot.

You pull on the hook’s rope with a sharp tug and the crown comes clattering across the floor towards you. You see a pair of angry looking eyes poke out of the slime to see what’s happening, but fortunately you are able to duck behind a boulder before it sees you.

You pick up the crown and put it on your head to see if it fits.

“Oi that’s my crown!” someone shouts from behind you. Storming towards you is an angry looking goblin wearing fine robes and a cape. He pokes you aggressively in the chest. 

“Are you the Goblin King?” he asks “No, you aren’t, cos that’s who I am! So why are you wearing my crown!?!” 

The Goblin king starts to mutter under his breath “Blummin’ adventurers, coming into the dungeon and nicking everything they see! One of ‘em pinched my doorstopper the other week. A “crystal skull” they called it. Now I can’t wedge my kitchen door open properly any more!”

You calm the Goblin King down and explain how you got the crown.

“That’s all very well and good but I need it back. Who’s ever heard of a King without a crown!” 

He thinks for a second. “If you give it back, then I’ll let you have my cloak as a reward for finding it. I was thinking of getting a new cloak anyway as this one doesn’t have enough pockets.”

You happily agree to the suggestion and hand the crown to the Goblin King, who grumpily thanks you and disappears off down a tunnel. 

You put on your new cloak and swish it around happily. Your friend tells you how stylish you look in it, then says that, unfortunately, they need to go home now, as they need to get ready to go to a birthday party later today. You say goodbye and thank them for their help, then carry on with your exploration of the dungeon. 

There’s a tunnel ahead that looks rather interesting. Its’ walls are glittering, and you’re pretty sure you hear someone singing down there. It’s certainly worth a closer look.


Sneak preview

You have just found a new area of the dungeon to explore! Visit the Coraquest: Keep on Questing Kickstarter page on Wednesday the 2nd of November to find out all about it, as well as to explore the next installment of the CoraQuest choose-your-own-adventure story!

Next episode on Wednesday the 2nd of November