Try to ignore the smell

The thought of changing Bonecrusher’s nappy is just too disgusting, and you decide that you’ll simply have to try and ignore the smell.

As time goes on, however, the baby ogre gets stinkier and stinkier – until the stench is so bad that you can smell it throughout the entire dungeon! It’s no good, you can’t avoid it any longer, you are going to have to change that nappy.

Suddenly, with a crash, the Evil cleaning Robot bursts into the room.

“Bloop.. Bleep.. Bleep” it says “Unacceptable… stink… levels… detected…”

The robot grabs the baby in one of its’ metal hands, and starts to tear off its’ nappy. Worried that the robot will hurt the baby, you try to stop it, but in the tussle you get tangled up in the disgusting diaper and find yourself unable to move.

“Must… wash… source… of… stink.” the robot bleeps. With strong metallic arms it carries you and the tangled up nappy out of the room – passing an alarmed looking adult ogre who has just come back from their trip to the restaurant.

The robot carries you and the nappy over to a tub full of soapy water and throws you in.

The robot throws you in the tub