Jump out of the basket and try to escape

You jump out of the washing basket and run away as fast as you can. The robot bleeps loudly in rage.

“Bleep… Bleep… Bleep! Escaping… adventurer… protocol… activated. Engage… Go… Go… Robot… Roller… Skates!”

A set of roller skate wheels pop out of the robot’s feet and it starts skating towards you, moving incredibly quickly!

You’re not going to be able to outrun the robot, so you’ll have to outsmart it instead. It’s going too fast to be able to change direction easily, so you decide to try and outmaneuver it. Without any warning, you come to a sudden stop, then start sprinting back the way you came.

The robot zooms past you, surprised by your change of direction. 

“Bloop… bloop… bloop. Engage… Go… Go… Robot… Parachute.” it bleeps, and a parachute shoots out of a little door on its’ bottom, slowing the robot down enough so that it can spin round and start chasing you again.

Blast, your plan didn’t work! You look around desperately for something to help you. You see the big tub of washing and with a gigantic heave you pull it over, splashing the soapy water all over the floor – and all over yourself, soaking you to the skin. 

The robot tries to slow down to grab you, however the wet floor is now really slippery. It goes into a skid, shooting past you and smashing into the wall with a massive CLANG.

“Bleep… Blurp… Blerg.” it says in a crackly voice, “Crash… detected. Entering… sleepy… go… bye… bye… mode”. The Evil Cleaning Robot clatters to the ground and lays still.

You decide you’ve had about enough of this dungeon for one day. It’s time to go home. The only problem is that you aren’t exactly sure which way home actually is! You try going back the way you came, but soon become lost. What’s more, the dungeon has started to get really, really warm. How strange! At least it will help you dry off more quickly.

Sneak preview

You are about to stumble into a new area of the dungeon! To find out more, and to explore the next installment of the CoraQuest choose-your-own-adventure story, make sure you visit the Coraquest: Keep on Questing Kickstarter page on Sunday the 6th of November.

Next episode on Sunday the 6th of November