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Making CoraQuest has been such a wonderful creative adventure for Cora and I, and we decided we didn’t want to keep that experience just to ourselves – we wanted to help others have that creative adventure too.

CoraQuest a complete family dungeon crawling game straight out of the box, and has enough heroes, monsters and quests to keep you adventuring for a very long time.  However, should you want to get a bit creative and come up with your own heroes, monsters, and quests, then theres information and guidance in the rulebook to help you do that.

And because we know that kids (and grown ups) like to have things look “official” we have worked with our fantastic friend Bob Haigh to come up with this awesome CoraQuest Character Creator App in order to let you use your own computer and printer to produce fabulous looking Hero Cards and Standees.

You can find the app in the menu at the top of this page, or you can just click here