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This is a test

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You’re listening to Wizard Pebbledash tell you about the new adventures you will be going on.


“There’s new magic items, treasure, and enemies to fight! And there’s brand new places to explore, like the Ice caverns and the Slime Pits! ” 


The wizard is so excited that he’s waving his hands around wildly and accidentally knocks over a model of a bus that was sitting on his mantlepiece  It falls to the ground and breaks into several pieces.


“Oh blast!” Says Wizard Pebbledash, looking at the smashed bus on the floor. “Now I need to save up my money and buy a new one”.  He looks sad for a moment, but soon perks up.


“We need to prepare for these quests!  The first thing to do is find some more heroes to go and do the adventures with you”


“There are two places In Hoodezfield where you’ll find people who like adventures – at the School for Heroes, and in the Broken Sword Tavern.  You could start looking in one of those!”


Go to the School for Heros – 2b

Go to the Broken Sword Tavern – 2e

Go to the School for Heros