The Stinky River Adventure

You show Wizard Pebbledash your new adventuring boots. He is very impressed.

“Would you like to test them out?” he asks. “There are still a few areas in the dungeon that are unexplored, and I need to know what’s in them for these new quests I’m planning. You could start at the Slime Pits and then just wander around a bit and see where you end up!”

You’re not sure that exploring unknown areas of the dungeon will be as easy as ‘just wandering around a bit’. But you don’t have anything else to do so you agree to Wizard Pebbledash’s request.

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To reach the Slime Pits you have to cross a rickety rope bridge that spans a very dirty looking river. You catch a whiff of the water, and it smells like old stinky cheese and wet fur. This must be where the ratfolk of Rat-Town empty out their baths! How revolting!

You carefully make your way across the bridge. Some of the ropes look very old, and half the planks of wood on the floor look rotten. 

Just as you get halfway across, one of the ropes snaps with a loud TWANG. The bridge breaks and lurches over onto its side, flipping you through the air and down towards the river below. Flailing your hands around wildly, you manage to catch hold of the single rope left crossing the river, and you hang onto it, dangling over the stinky water below.

Now how are you going to get across?!

Try to shimmy along the rope with your hands

Let go and fall into the water