The Great Pink Gem Race

You are standing in the Goblin Gem Mines. There are pickaxes and hard hats scattered around the floor, and there are rails with minecarts traveling up and down them running through the tunnels.

You hear shouting coming from deeper in the mine, and sneak closer so you can listen.

The Goblin King is standing on a mine cart and is yelling at a bunch of miserable looking worker goblins.

“You need to dig faster, you nincompoops!” he yells, “We need to find the last five pink gems before the end of the day or Wizard Bandicoot will be furious! He needs them as ingredients for a spell to turn invisible. He wants to sneak into Wizard Pebbledash’s house tonight and rub dirt all over his spoon collection!”

It sounds like that horrid Wizard Bandicoot is up to his sneaky tricks again. He and Wizard Pebbledash are rival spoon collectors, and Bandicoot can’t stand the fact that Pebbledash won the Shiniest Spoon in Show award at last year’s Spoon Competition. You better try and spoil Bandicoot’s plans and find the pink gems before the goblins do. 

There are 5 pink gems hidden on the CoraQuest: Keep on Questing Kickstarter page. See if you can find them all.

If you don’t find any pink gems

If you find between one and four pink gems

If you find five pink gems