Attack of the Evil Cleaning Robots

You’re in the dungeon and are in the middle of being chased by an angry robot with an evil look in its’ electronic eyes.

You remember Professor Porridge telling you about these robots. She invented them as she was fed up at how dirty the tunnels and corridors in the dungeon were, and made the robots to tidy them up. Unfortunately, she made a mistake in their programming, and instead of inventing ‘Useful Cleaning Robots’ she invented ‘Evil Cleaning Robots’ by accident.

“Bleep..Bloop..Bleep” says the robot “Must.. clean… up… dungeon. Must.. flush… adventurer… down… the… toilet.”

You’re not sure you’d like being flushed down the toilet!. You better hide! But where will you go? To your left is a door labeled “Nursery” – maybe you could hide in there? On your right is a huge pile of dirty goblin laundry that you could maybe dive under?

Go through the door labeled “Nursery”

Hide in the pile of laundry