Go into the Nursery

You go through the door labeled ‘Nursery’ and shut it behind you. Hopefully the evil cleaning robots won’t find you here!

“Ah it’s about blummin’ time you showed up!” abooming voice says. You look up and see an ogre standing in the room. In its’ arms is a huge baby.

“I was beginin’ to think you wern’t comin’. The babysitting agency said they’d have difficulty finding someone willin’ to look after a ogre. Anyhow, you’re here now. This is Bonecrusher, my baby” the ogre hands the baby to you. It’s about the size and weight of a St Bernard Dog.

“My precious will need a feed in about 20 minutes. There’s some old fish heads in the fridge you can give them. I’ll be gone for about two hours, or maybe a bit more if traffic’s bad coming back from the restaurant. Any problems just give me a ring. Help yourself to fish heads if you want some. Bye!” 

And before you can tell them you aren’t the babysitter, the ogre has gone.

Well, it looks like you are looking after an ogre for the next few hours! You pick the baby up and notice a really bad smell. You really hope Bonecrusher doesn’t need its nappy* changed!


*Nappy is the word for diaper in Hoodezfield.

Check to see if the nappy needs changing

Try to ignore the smell