Mr Bubbles Peculiar Problem

Professor Porridge is telling you about her old laboratory.

“I’ve not been down there in years so I don’t know what state it’ll be in.” she says, “I used a lot of rather dangerous chemicals back then though, and some of them may have spilled on the floor. My advice is to get some really good adventuring boots to protect your feet just in case.”

You think that adventuring boots would be a good idea, however you don’t have enough money at the moment to buy any. You decide that you are going to have to find a job.

“Why don’t you go and see Mr Bubbles the farmer?” says Professor Porridge, “He’s always got jobs available.”

You thank the Professor for her suggestion, and set off to see Mr Bubbles. You find him working in his pumpkinberry patch. You ask him if he has any work you could do.

“I’ve got a couple of problems you could help me with,” he says. “My lovely prizewinnin’ pig, Duchess, is looking very unhappy and has gone right off her food. If you find out what’s wrong with her I’d be very grateful.”

“The other problem is that some ruddy creature is breakin’ into my barn and eatin’ the pumpkinberries stored in there. I need someone to find out what’s happening, and put a stop to it!”

“If you fix either of these problems then I’ll pay you enough to buy yourself some adventuring boots”

Which job would you like to do?

find out what is making Duchess unhappy

Find out what is eating the pumpkinberries