Find out what is eating the pumpkinberries

Mr Bubbles tells you about his pumpkinberry thief problem.

“Every night I lock the barn, and every mornin’ I unlock it to find loads of my pumpkinberries have been eaten! It’s been goin’ on for three weeks now, and I’m sick of it! I even put a motion detector alarm in the barn, but it’s never gone off once!”

You tell Mr Bubbles that you will hide in the pumpkinberry barn overnight and see if you can catch the thief in the act.

When nighttime arrives you go with Mr Bubbles to lock up the barn. First of all he shuts and bolts all the windows, then he shuts and locks the back door. Finally he blocks up a small hole at the bottom of the door walls with a dome shaped stone he carries in from outside.

“I block that hole up because I’ve seen a gnome runnin’ around the farmyard recently.” Mr Bubbles tells you. “I don’t mind him livin’ here, but I’m not havin’ him getting through that hole and pinching my crops!”

Mr Bubbles says goodnight, and then shuts and locks the barn’s front door. You sit down on a sack of fertiliser and make sure you can see all around the barn. If anything tries to get in then you’ll definitely spot it!

The barn is very quiet for about three quarters of an hour. Then you start to hear a munching sound. Something is eating the pumpkinberries!! 

You rush around and check the entrances and exits. All the doors and windows are still shut, but the dome shaped stone isn’t blocking up the hole any more – it’s somehow moved over to the pile of pumpkinberries! 

You look closer. The stone isn’t a stone at all – it’s a tortoise! That sneaky blighter must have waited outside each day for Mr Bubbles to carry it into the barn, then it’s been spending all night feasting on jucy pumpkinberries. It didn’t set off the motion detectors because it was moving so slowly. What a naughty tortoise!

You pick it up and take it to Mr Bubbles to tell him what’s been happening. 

“I wonder who’s pet it is” Mr Bubbles says, looking puzzled “It’s not Wizard Pebbledash’s tortoise, Maureen. She’s brown and green, and this one is green and brown! Maybe we should put out an advert saying we’ve found it”

Mr Bubbles (and CoraQuest) need your help to get the word out! If you want to help then post this picture to your social media account (facebook, twitter, instagram etc) with a link to the kickstarter in the description and #coraquest.

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